The Kimblewick Hunt
Waldridge Manor

Waldridge Manor, photograph by Greg Knight of

The Hunt Country

The Kimblewick Hunt country covers parts of Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Hertfordshire and Oxfordshire and extends approximately 65 miles north to south and 40 miles east to west - roughly the size of Cornwall. The terrain is widely varied, from woodland to heath, grass to plough, with jumpable hedges, logs, ditches and post and rail fences. To see the country in a full Google window, click here.

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The Kimblewick Hunt

The Hunt was formed in 2002 by the amalgamation of the Vale of Aylesbury with the Garth and South Berks, themselves amalgamations of the Garth, the South Berks, the Old Berkeley, the South Oxfordshire, and Hertfordshire Hunts in earlier times. It was renamed ‘The Kimblewick Hunt’ in 2010.


Our kennels are at Kimblewick, near Aylesbury and visitors are always welcome. The kennels are run by the huntsman, who is assisted by the whipper-in and Countryman. Stud grooms are responsible for the horses.


We hold meet from early September until early April. Meets in September and October (autumn hunting) follow an early morning or afternoon pattern and this is the time when new hounds are entered. Meets are frequent at this time of year. From the Opening Meet in early November we meet three times a week and meets are normally held at 11am. Meet dates are available from the Secretaries but please be aware that not all days are open to everyone.

Like all hunts, we are dependent on our very generous farmers, landowners and gamekeepers for allowing us to hunt over their land when the farming year permits. We offer a fox culling service within the law to all those who need it.


Hunt staff wear the tawny yellow livery of the Old Berkeley, lady Masters wear black coats with yellow collars and gentlemen Masters wear red coats with yellow collars. Ladies who have been invited to wear the Hunt Button (usually for services to the Hunt) may also wear yellow collars.

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The Kimblewick is lucky to count a number of very talented and dedicated photographers amongst its followers, so there are many photographs of the Hunt available for viewing online. We’re regularly photographed by:

Nigel Glenister
Willie Jackson
Greg Knight
Fae Loudoun
Yvonne Parkinson

less frequently by:

Christian Schwetz
Sarah Farnsworth

and there’s an archive of photographs here.

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